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Hi! I am Abhi and I want to Follow the one thing I love the most, TELLING STORIES. The idea is simple. I want to go to places I have not been to before. I want to talk to people I wouldn’t talk to otherwise. And I want to make videos that I, myself, can fall in love with.


What do I do?

I travel every month to a new place.

I make videos every week.

And I live my life the way I want it, every day!


I have always postponed my travel plans. I kept waiting for my work to subside a little to take a leave and do what I love to do. As time passed, I realised that I cannot keep waiting for the right time to do what I love. Any time is the right time.

And the best time is NOW. 

What are

the videos about?

The videos are about everything that matters to me. When I go to some place, I try to capture more than what meets the eye of a tourist. Every place has a vibe. Every place has a flavour. If you sit down with the locals and try to have a conversation with them, they would happily tell you everything about it. Yes, this is what my videos are about. Having a conversation with the people at the places I visit, and trying to capture the essence along the way!